CHSA Mission

RT2A is Americans locally and statewide revitalizing the 1st Clause of the 2nd Amendment through statutorily proper homeland security from the bottom-up.

Our CHSA Chapter’s Mission*

1. To organize a group of concerned and knowledgeable citizens in our Florida State Legislative Districts, beginning with proper and thorough education of all members through attending planned meetings and events.

2. To investigate together in detail the problems of “homeland security” peculiar to our Florida State Legislative Districts, particularly those problems that the State of Florida’s existing military, law-enforcement, emergency-response and –management, and related agencies may be insufficient to address.

3. To ascertain and be able to personally and collectively explain how to solve, alleviate, and mitigate the problems of “homeland security” through revitalizing “the Militia of the several States,” specifically in the State of Florida.

4. To evaluate and determine the best manner of promoting the revitalizing of the Militia in the State of Florida, according to the principles of the pre-constitutional Colonial and constitutional State Militia as applied to contemporary conditions.

5. To participate in meetings and events aimed ultimately at instructing our legislators and governor and assisting in drafting one or more proposed statutes for revitalizing the Florida Militia, and to submit those bills to the Florida legislature for its consideration.

6. To mobilize citizens from all walks of life in the State of Florida to support the passage of those bills.

7. To then volunteer to serve in the revitalized Militia when the statutes are enacted into law.

8. Once we have a successful prototype in Florida, we will replicate this model in the rest of the fifty States.

* Constitutional “Homeland Security”, Vieira, E., Chapter 7, p. 91.