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Past Radio Interviews: [Click colored links to listen]


MOST RECENT INTERVIEW: “American Freedom Watch Radio” interview on March 11, 2014 of David Callihan, President of Revitalizing the Second Amendment. David talks to Karen, Sally, and Neal about the sovereign people working to revitalize their power of the county, their State governmental army (Militia), and how to restore constitutional governance from the bottom-up. href=”

Rhode Island’s Northern Prosperity Law Center and interviewed RT2A President David Callihan on Friday, January 24, 2014. “Last night we had one of the best shows in the history of our show and one of the best history lessons of the past hundred years. David from gave us the information that we need in order to take back our freedom in America. I hope everyone who wishes to continue this lively experiment in self-governance will take the time to listen. You can download the mp3 file and listen later, or just click the link and listen now:”


Colorado CHSA leader Judy Spady, RT2A President David Callihan and RT2A General Counsel Richard Fry review the events of the week of October 6-12, 2013 in Colorado with Alaska Talks Liberty Host Russ Millette on Blogtalk Radio October 15, 2013

The first hour and a half of this radio program broadcast on October 8, 2013 with Liberty Lisais a great primer for those who want to understand the strategy for revitalizing the Second Amendment.

David and Richard were guests on Grassroots Radio in Denver on Monday, October 7 at 5:30 p.m. talking about revitalizing the first Clause of the Second Amendment. Click the colored link to listen; Interview starts at 24:30 into the program.

President (David Callihan) and Legal Counsel (Richard Fry) of Revitalizing the Second Amendment interviewed on September 30, 2013 by David Bach on radio station KNFO FM 106.1 Eagle Colorado.

Past Conference Call Recordings: [In order from oldest to latest]


1. Inaugural National Conference Call – A great summary of the issues involved, and what our organization, RT2A is all about: October 31, 2013.

2. Revitalizing posse comitatus through the county sheriffs (Part 1): December 5, 2013.

3. Revitalizing posse comitatus through the county sheriffs (Part 2): December 12, 2013.


4. The first RT2A national conference call of 2014; Sovereignty and Bottom-up Governance; Various comments, and addressing of issues of concern as we enter the New Year: January 2, 2014.

5. The State of the chsa.usanization; Year 2013 in Review; Expectations for 2014: January 9, 2014.

6. Citizens’ Homeland Security Association Chapters are coming soon. Learn about the RT2A CHSA model in this week’s program: January 23, 2014.

7. Evaluating some current events and the way that “[a] well regulated Militia” would impact them if it was implemented in full force today as it was prior to 1903; also an invitation to now become a Charter RT2A CHSA Member on our website at January 30, 2014.

8. Our first conference call of the month of February is an overview of RT2A, our mission, objectives, and plans: February 6, 2014.

9. Citizens’ Homeland Security Associations (CHSAs)–What they are, and how to join together to use them in Revitalizing the Second Amendment: February 13, 2014.

MOST RECENT – 10. An open discussion of RT2A’s attitudes about supporting law enforcement as law-abiding citizens in light of current events: February 20, 2014.