Member Benefits

RT2A and CHSA Member Benefits*


We are now offering Charter Membership options. Click here to see the Member Options page.

* Charter CHSA Memberships will only be available through the end of the year.


For all RT2A FREE Members:

  • Scheduled conference calls to make members aware of current events and news, next steps, organizational status, including issues to address to prevent governmental erosion of Second Amendment rights especially pertaining to the first Clause.
  • Instant e-mail alerts and regular e-mail news.

For RT2A CHSA PAID Charter Members:

  • Membership card with identification of Federal and State Legislative Districts, and Precinct for Lobbying purposes.
  • Membership discounts on future learning materials, products, and services as we grow.

Future paid Charter benefits to be provided as we grow:

  • Monthly e-newsletter.
  • Quarterly digital magazine.
  • Secured membership communications and educational LMS systems.
  • Revitalizing the Second Amendment media tools as educational materials for the organization, it’s purpose, etc. to share with others.
  • Internet Radio and Television Shows (as we develop this network).
  • 24/7 connection to other CHSA members in your State and local legislative district Chapter.
  • RT2A CHSA S-A-L-T (Spokesperson-Advocate-Leader-Trainer) Certification tracts to participate more fully in the activities of a local and State CHSA.
  • Participation in the activities of a local RT2A Citizens’ Homeland Security Association (CHSA) Chapter as a local legislative district member.
  • 24/7 connection to membership for defense of our Second Amendment freedoms, rights and duties.


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